Love Living, Quit Hating, Everyone Relating


Swag – Short for swagger and refers to the movement of a man’s shoulders when he walks

Sway – Refers to the movement of a woman’s hips when she walks.

He is Swag    She is Sway




I don’t think Love is the opposite of Hate. I think they are just one of many ways to relate. I want to know why we suck at love, love to hate, and hate to relate.  I wanna know why Sandra/Jessie, Al/Tipper, and Halle/Everybody just didn’t work out.

Don’t get me wrong though because I’m gonna find out why Will/Jada, Jay/B, and Brad/Angelina seem to have gotten it right.

I started my career in the computer science field, but staring at a computer all day wasn’t really my idea of a fulfilling career. So, while it paid the bills and while I enjoyed the work, for the most part I was unsatisfied. Taking the lead of my mother (she likes to refer to herself as Ph.D Mommy) and my older brother, I decided to pursue a Masters in License Professional Counseling. I tend to categorize and number the ideas floating around in my head. So throughout this blog you will see me disect concepts for better understanding.

Welcome to my life’s newfound passion: Reframing the modern relationship, redefining the idea of love and hopefully giving somebody, somewhere the ability to find love on their terms so they can live a happy, healthy life.

I don’t think many of us know how to get along in our relationships with real love. Love that lasts. Love that means something other than physical attraction, or lonely longing. So her (Sway) and I (Swag) bring to you the best attempt we have at undoing what no longer needs to be done.


They say love doesn’t pay the bills but it makes the world go ’round. Love is such an abstract topic that there will always be questions about it. Love is so powerful it can make someone uproot from the only place they’ve known, and leave their job, family, and friends to move closer to a significant other. Love at it’s best is blissful, perfect in its imperfections, and is an emotion that can have one feeling like they are floating on air. But at it’s worst love can turn ugly, ending up in an entire wardrobe burnt to a crisp (remember Angela Bassett in Waiting to Exhale anyone?), shattered car windows (cue Jasmine Sullivan), and even worse, a shattered heart.

After knowing all of these possible complexities of love, what keeps people coming back for more?

We welcome you to join us on this journey to find out what love is, why we hate, and better ways to relate to each other.

  1. I have often thought of quitting my job to go into psychology, particularly relationship counselling. I have just read your blog for the first time, and have fallen in love with the entire concept. Kudos to your work and your bravery to start over.

  2. Love Living
    Hate Quitting
    and Relate to Everyone


    Live Loving
    Quit Hating
    Everyone Relating

  3. Real love exists! Yes, there is hope for all. Learning what a healthy relationship entailed led me to kiss a few toads, and taught me what I did not want and what I wanted in a relationship.

    Coming up on 21 years of marriage, I am happier with my best friend and life partner, who goes out of his way to express the many ways he loves me.

    I have a harder time expressing deep love for my soul mate, and he is completely understanding! What a guy!!

    I have been blessed and at our ages, we will remain together until we are sitting on the front porch wishing we still had all our teeth!~lol!~

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