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Sway’s First Date Do’s and Don’ts for Girls

In Courting, First Date on October 18, 2010 at 11:57 am
written by Sway

 Ladies, when it comes to first dates, guys do pay attention more than you think.  They look at how you act, your appearance, and try to gauge if you are compatible with them, which is why first impressions are so crucial. A date is supposed to be fun but also your time to get better acquainted with someone you may be attracted to. 

Though guys do have the pressure of bringing their A-game to a first date, that doesn’t mean us females are exempt from doing the same. So here’s the list of Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to a first date (or any date for that matter).


Don’t be late.

Don’t complain about the date. Especially if your date is trying really hard to make you happy. If the date is that bad, then just don’t go out with that person again.

Don’t take forever when excusing yourself to go to the bathroom.

Don’t spend all night texting and answering calls. If you have to take a call, always excuse yourself. And don’t keep your date waiting long, it’s rude!

Don’t wear too much make-up or be a “cake-face” as I’d call it. Keep the facades to a minimum.

Don’t be self conscious about ordering real food. Guys like it when they see a girl can enjoy a full meal.

Don’t interview your date. Let the conversation flow naturally.

Don’t ask about his exes or anything too serious that could hinder a good date aura.

Don’t get drunk! Save that for the 3rd date (I kid, I

Don’t kiss your date if the moment isn’t right or if you are not ready.

Don’t curse like a sailor. It’s not lady-like and most guys don’t think it’s attractive.

Don’t have sex on the first date.

Don’t talk about marriage.….waay later.

Don’t try too hard to be someone you’re not. Just be yourself!



Do try to get an idea of what you will be doing on the date so you can know how to dress. If you’re still unsure, a dress or nice fitting dark jeans, a pretty top, and heels will do the trick.

Do compliment your date.

Do wear your favorite scent. One spritz on the neck ,wrist, and hair- maximum!

Do show your personality. This is one of the reasons he asked you out.

Do be open to something new if he has planned a date that’s out-of-the-box.

Do allow him pay for the date, hold your door, and do all the other gentlemanly things guys do.

Do carry and use breath mints. You don’t want a dirty mouth!

Do personable, friendly, and engaging. A date should be something that’s fun, not a chore.

Do let your date know when you’re having a good time and if you’d like to see him again.

Do be open minded. You never know how things could turn out if you give someone or something new a chance.

D0 dress to impress. No matter where you go for your date, show that you put some effort into your appearance.

Do make it a point to have a good time and all should go well.  😉

Note: If there are some important Do’s and Don’ts I’ve missed, feel free to post them in the comment section!


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