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I’m No Longer Playing a Role

In Uncategorized on September 30, 2010 at 8:00 am

written by Swag

I am truly blessed to be in my current relationship. Mainly because she accepts me for who I am. I have seen a number of couples who seem to have trouble just being themselves. So here is my attempt at listing all the roles I will never play again because I’m no longer playing those games. I am no longer on stage in my relationship, trying to play a character. I am no longer worried about impressing someone twenty-four seven. I no longer have to fake the deep sexy voice on the phone. Now, my girl can wake up to it, when it’s natural.

I am not your bank, I will not spend a cent to satisfy your desires, but I will burn through a million dollars, it I knew it would give you a more secure life.

I am not your knight in shining armor, but you WILL let me walk on the outside of the sidewalk.

I am not your Julian, but I WILL. CHOKE A DUDE OUT. If necessary

I am not your fantasy, but I will do whatever I can to make sure you keep fantasizing about me.

I am not your counselor, but I want to heal every wound you have.

I can’t make you forget, but I can help you forgive.

I am not your everything, but I will do my best make sure you are never without anything.

I am not your Denzel, but “King Kong, ain’t got s**t on me.”

I am not your captain, but I will sail us pass any obstacle we encounter.

I am not your Jim Carey so I won’t be wearing any masks. It’s all me or no me.

I am not perfect…..but….but….well, I’m not perfect, so bear with me.


  1. First and foremost this post is hilarious but true. As a female I feel most men feel as though they have to put on this facade for me because from the outside I give off this particular aura that tells them I need to be impressed. When all in all that is not the case, if anything I hate when men do that. If he feels he needs to be someone else to satisfy me, we are not a a good match. With that said men and woman need to learn to just be themselves if they want to be in a comfortable relationship.

    • Ebony

      Very true indeed, because the incompatibilty is bound to creep into the forefront as an issue sooner or later. Unfortunately, infatuation makes people want to force the issue. I dated a girl, one time, who had me jumping through hoops to be somebody I wasn’t. I will never do that again.


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