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written by Swag

Have you ever felt like you are walking through a television episode of your own life because everything ties together like a moral lesson. Well it seems like sacrifice has been that constant theme for me recently. The other day, I had to pay tribute to a friend for this quote: “I’m going to enhance my ability to sacrifice.” I had just recently had a conversation with my father about exactly that. So it got me wondering about what I would sacrifice for the things I love. What would I sacrifice to succeed? Would I sacrifice success for my girlfriend or family? What would I give up in order to maintain a connection to all that I value?

It’s not to say I’m some selfless and righteous being who metaphorically martyrs himself for others. Quite the contrary. I’m talking about figuring out my priorities in life. Which desire, need, or wish would I give up in order to pursue a more important idea?

I have definitely expected my life to be on a timeline. It’s hard for me to tolerate any deviation from my plans and I think maybe it’s working against me. It’s making me impatient and finicky. So much of life was given to me with an expiration date, but since I graduated college, I haven’t been so lucky.

Living Like Moles

Image by NatalieMaynor via Flickr

My father’s lifelong dream was to retire at his underground house in Mississippi. He spent 30 years postponing and investing in that dream and it has since paid off. He had no clue the timeline was going to stretch for that long but he was willing to wait. He was willing to take whatever time was required in order to reap the reward. He seems to be quite happy with everything he has sacrificed to achieve his dream.

What would I sacrifice for love? I used to think that if the person you were with took away from your ability to achieve your dreams, then it wasn’t true love. Since then I have voluntarily sacrificed some pride and naivete. I mean, what happens of you were required to take care of your life partner. Is it not loving to sacrifice for their well-being?

I know I don’t have all the answers but sometimes I get really impatient and expect things to fall into place just because I imagine them to be that way. Maybe I need to sacrifice a little control and be happy with where my life is at the moment.



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