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The Woman’s Facade: More Than Victoria’s Secret

In Relationships on August 31, 2010 at 12:13 pm

 written by Sway


One of my exes told me that you can tell how beautiful a girl is when you see her dressed down in sweats with no make up….

Maybe she's born with it, maybe she's not?/

One time I was on the train and I saw a girl sitting near me who at first glance seemed pretty. But as I took second and third looks, I saw that almost everything that made her look pretty was…..not hers. Well, it was hers in the aspect that she owned it (because she bought it) but it wasn’t naturally hers to begin with. I’m talking false eyelashes,weave, acrylic nails, brows drawn in, and make up caked on to perfection.

Listen guys, if you come across a female that needs all of this in order to accept herself then beware because this may may stem from deep insecurities.

Seeing this girl made me think about a lot of things. Firstly, I wondered how much time it took her to get ready that day. As a female, I know that depending on where I’m going, sometimes it can take me forever. This is mostly me trying to figure out what to wear. So, after that and trying to figure out what to do with my hair you can forget it! Secondly, I began thinking about why she felt the need to have all that external falsity. I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt by thinking that maybe it was a one time thing for her. Even though she was dressed down, for all I know, she could have been going to a special event. Thirdly, it made me think about all the methods ladies use to “enhance” their natural beauty. Make up is the most obvious and universal method of course, but what about the more deceptive measures women take? Let’s review: 

Push-up Bras-Remember when girls in middle school stuffed their bra with tissues? Think of push up bras as the adult version of that. Mainly used to lift up cleavage that’s going south, push up bras are one of the greatest tools of illusion. And trust, if worn properly, a great push up bra can make a simple B cup look like C or D.

I'm sure you can tell which image has the woman wearing Spanx.../

Spanx-Spanx are the updated version of the corset. Ranging from footless pantyhose to full body leotards, these undergarments act as “body-shapers” that smooth and even out even the most unsightly bulges in a woman’s silhouette with the help of “tummy control” and mucho elastic. Under clothes Spanx can make a girl’s stomach look like she does crunches daily even when that is far from the truth.

Butt pads-These are pretty much self-explanatory. While some butt pads are found within underwear, I’ve recently seen jeans in stores that come with the pads already sewn in them. We can thank the celebration of  Beyonce’s and J. Lo’s hourglass bodies as inspiration for this enhancement of the backside. 

These are just some of the undergarments out there that ladies use for enhancement. Here are some of the major players women use for external enhancement:

Falsies/fake eyelashes-These are added to real eyelashes to create the illusion of thicker longer lashes. They frame the eyes and make them pop. So guys if you ever wonder why you can’t stop staring at a girls eyes, it’s possibly  because of these in addition to…

Temporary plastic surgery? Kim has claimed the way her make up artist contours her face changes the look of her nose/

Make-up-“Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline.” Guess what guys, nine times out of ten, it’s Maybelline…or Cover Girl, or MAC. I’m sorry to admit it but most people, (including the “flawless”  girl you like) don’t have naturally rosy cheeks and pink glossy lips.  The key word to watch out for when it comes to make-up is contouring. In simple terms, contouring is applying make-up in certain areas of the face to create the  illusion that those features look different than they actually do (i.e. making a big nose look slim, or making eyes look more evenly apart). When they said makeup does wonders they weren’t lying. Contouring a girl’s face can do more than enhancing her “natural” beauty, it can make her look like a completely different person.

Beyonce has some of the best weave in the game/

Weave/hair extensions-If you can’t tell if the girl you like’s hair is real or not, she may have a great weave. The quality of fake hair is getting better and better these days to the point where one would ever know if a girl has extensions bonded or clipped into her real hair. And within a couple of hours, a girl can go from a chin-length bob to Rapunzel length locks ready for you to climb. Girls not only use fake hair for length but for thickness. And believe it or not hair length and thickness  dramatically changes the way a girl looks, even if her face has little to no make-up. Having great hair automatically makes drab outfits look better and frames the face well. And let’s not lie here guys, sometimes all it takes for you to be hooked notice a girl is for a light wind to kick up as she passes you by while her long locks flow around you in the breeze (hello Pantene Pro-V commercial).

Guys, I kind of feel bad for you, because some girls are so good at pulling off the “natural look”  you may not know how a girl you’re dating really looks until you’re deep in the relationship.

This poor guy has clearly been fooled by Beyonce's facade/

Think to yourself, if you came across a girl who utilized all of these enhancements would you be able to tell? And if you could, would you still pursue her?

Would you accept Jessica Simpson for who she is?/

It’s one thing for a girl to go all out with her hair, make up, and shapely undergarments every once in a while or for a special occasion, but if she can’t go to the gas station without a full face of make up on then, Houston you have a problem.

If a girl can’t leave the house without make up, or she refuses to let you see her without a weave, then she is clearly not comfortable enough with herself to let you see the real her. She has not come to terms with her natural appearance and may be too worried about fitting what she thinks is a man’s physical fantasy. This speaks volumes to her insecurity level. And as a reuslt, she ends up placing more importance on keeping up with the physical facade she’s created, than coming to terms in accepting what her genes created.

When it comes down to it, it’s so much easier to love and accept a girl who loves and accepts herself. You can love a girl for who she is naturally, but a healthy relationship can’t come about if she doesn’t love herself the same way. Once a girl learns to appreciate herself with the layers of external falsity removed, it is then that she will truly be ready for you to appreciate her too.


  1. This article is THE TRUTH!!! I LOVE it!!!…and the sad reality is that many men wouldn’t look twice at a female with no make-up, natural hair, and no slim-wear. They say they would but most women aren’t out hear spending thousands of dollars a year for nothing or just because they want to look good for themselves. The ultimate goal is to attract men and make other females envious. It’s all apart of the game.

  2. […] wear too much make-up or be a “cake-face” as I’d call it. Keep the facades to a […]

  3. What happened for not judging a book by its cover. Whether ugly, beautiful or magnified. Girls with makeup up on are just as beautiful with it off. Kim and Jess are beautiful girls with or without makeup. Not an insecureness issue. Dont put us all in the same fish bowl.

    Its what I call the Clark Kent syndrome. Not everyone puts makeup on to beautify themselves. We CAKE it on because we like the look. We use our imagination to self express ourselves and not to look the the girl next door who looks like the girl next door to her. Please. Girls with no makeup on are simply girls that gave up. Its not that they are secure. They’ve just accepted their ugly selves and know that with or without makeup they cant improve or simply dont know how.

  4. your argument is invalid because you haven’t given a background on why women wear makeup and create a fake illusion of themselves. you have to understand that appearance of utmost importance for a woman to gain status in society (this is dictated by the patriarchy) and because this has been going on for centuries…the ideal is constantly being modified into a more unreal image. STOP BLAMING WOMEN AND START UNDERSTANDING HOW SOCIETY IS TO BLAME FOR THE WAY PEOPLE ACT. it is all socialization.

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