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Relationship Red Flags – Part 2

In Uncategorized on August 17, 2010 at 5:25 pm

I gotta admit, Swag was on point when explaining the red flags women should look out for when dating . Now here are the red flags I think men should look out for when dating us lovely females… 

 Little Miss Dramatic (LMD) 

Sammi flips out Ronnie enough to drive him away.

 Sign: Watch out for the girl who makes an argument out of EVERYTHING you do. 

 Much like Sammi “Sweetheart” this girl is nothing but Little Miss Dramatic. She has more issues than GQ and is straight up trouble. Whether she is insecure or controlling, this chick starts an argument whenever she finds an opportunity. Sometimes you feel like you’re on pins and needles when telling her the littlest things because you know at the drop of a dime, a verbal brawl will ensue. For just one night you want to go hang out with your boys and not chill at home with her? Trust and believe she will have a bitch fit some things to say about it before you leave the house. She is so dramatic, you begin to believe she feeds off of the drama. If anything you do is not what she expected, there will be consequences. You can see this LMD flag early on in dating, so if you notice it’s there, just don’t do it! 

Desparate and Delusional (D&D) 

Pay attention to Ginnifer Goodwin's character in "He's Not That Into You"

 Sign: Be wary of the girl who has YOUR life planned out before meeting you. 

Ahh the D&D flag. The only positive about this girl is that she is an excellent planner. She plots her next prospective boyfriend immediately after a break up. And thanks to the WE channel, she has her whole wedding planned out, from the venue to the color of your cumberbund….all BEFORE she has a man. This girl’s biological clock is ticking faster than anyone else’s. In her mind, she has to have a boyfriend, because a boyfriend leads to a fiance which leads to a husband.  Beware of her delusional 3-year relationship plan, which includes the marriage-dog-2.5 kids-white picket fence deal (If you already have kids from a previous relationship, she doesn’t mind. You’re only giving her a head start). Be wary of this D&D flag,  as she will latch onto you hard in the beginning but may drop you like a bad habit if you aren’t ready for marriage. And then it’s off to her next victim propsect. You can see this flag a mile away, so if you find yourself stuck dating a girl like this, it’s your own fault. 

 No Girls Allowed (NGA)  


Sign: Beware the girl whose girlfriends are non-existent. 

You meet a girl who likes the same things you do. She doesn’t trip out when you play Call of Duty 2 til the wee hours of the morning and is always down for the cause. She is so cool, interacting with her is almost like interacting with your boys. And then you realize why…all of her friends are males. ALL of them. Now there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a woman having male friends. But if you meet a woman who only has male friends, then you my friend have encountered the NGA flag. You ask her why she doesn’t have any female friends and she responds with “Females, are just drama. They are always hating on me.” (or something of the variety). 

First, ask yourself if that is really the case? She is a female herself so you have to wonder how much of that drama she created herself. Secondly, would you be able to date this girl seriously? Would she be able to get along with your female friends?  Better yet, what about the large possibility that one or a couple of the guys in her clique are exes and/or “cut buddies“? So you have to ask yourself if you can handle that. If you think you can, more power to you. 

Material Girl (MG)  aka Need a Sponsor (NAS)  


Sign: Beware the girl who will look to you to finance her. 

The MG/NAS flag is one you may have ran across. She may be flashy, impeccable, and wearing clothes and driving a car worth more than your college education courtesy of exes #1, 2, and 3. High end MGs only speak Italian meaning Fendi, Versace, Prada.  While others will take what they can get from you to support their sprees, bills, and “necessities”. An MG sees dollar signs around you upon first meeting.  This flag seems easy enough to spot. You wine and dine her multiple times like any man does in the beginning stages of dating. And from the outside it looks like this girl has it all. She seems independent, takes care of herself, and is always put together. Then before you know it, you realize she is more interested in holding your ATM card than your hand. Somewhere along the way this girl got the impression that it was better to spend someone else’s hard earned money than it was to earn and spend her own. Just because men are thought of as providers, does not mean you have to pay for a woman’s responsibilities. If you run across someone that has MG/NAS qualities, find out if she has a job (her “job” may be gaming you to pay all of her bills). If she does have a job then she needs to pay her own bills. If you’re with someone like this, and aren’t getting anything out of the relationship (like her being your tax write off perhaps?), then it’s time to find someone who can appreciate you more than an American Express card.

Be smart when dating. If there are some small red flags, keep them in your mental rolodex just in case. But if you run into any of these full blown red flags, steer clear of them. If there is something major about a girl you’ve been talking to that doesn’t sit right with you, then don’t pursue a relationship. It’s as simple as that. Remember once you’re in a relationship things are amplified, red flags included. So if you have a strong inkling that it may not work in the end, listen to yourself. You’re probably right. Forget what Nike says, just DON’T do it. 



  1. How about a person that doesn’t have many girl friends… Like 1? And a few guys friends?

    How about a girl with a guy best friend? How do you know as a man that he doesn’t “like her?”

    • It depends on the quality of the relationships. Nobody can have 20 some odd
      BEST friends. So if she is has a million guy friends it may be an issue of her needing male attention. Then there is the question as to why she can’t get along with any females….NOT ONE? That may speak to some character flaw.

      If she is always hanging out with one dude then who cares if he likes her as long as he is respectful and you trust her. Of course if she knew he liked her then there is the issue of her setting the appropriate boundaries.

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