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Romance Is For Fools

In Relationships on August 12, 2010 at 9:21 am


As a young dude, I was a hopeless romantic. Whenever I fantasized about meeting a girl, it would always be the movie style, eye-lock from across the room, the quiet build up of tension as I walked towards her, and conversation so smooth it would make the Gerber baby’s booty jealous. 

Maybe not this one

My romantic nature wasn’t limited to courting either. In my relationships, I would write poems, plan dinners, set out fruit, candles, the whole nine. (I was a teenager, so that was as good as it got back then). I wanted whomever I was dating at the time to fall madly in love with me. But I learned early on that infatuation doesn’t last. Sooner or later, my motivation to continue those heart-warming deeds withered away like a decaying rose on time-lapse. 


I think the same happens to a lot of men. We spend so much precious, romantic fuel chasing cookies, that when we attain our goal, we’re spent. We have no desire left to rekindle the old spark. As I grew up, I swore against the romantic chase. If a girl didn’t like me for me, oh well. I wasn’t going all out to impress someone I may not end up being with in the long run. Don’t get me wrong though, this doesn’t mean I took my dates to Long John Silver’s or anything. They were still treated well, but over the top romance was reserved for the few and far between.  

I guess I was growing up because now I think it’s just a tad bit disingenuous to make a girl fall in love with me when I don’t love her yet…..if ever. The point is, why waste my time and resources. I’m the first person to admonish people for overdosing on fairy tales and here I was feeding into that very fantasy. So, my courting techniques ended up becoming more realistic and reasonable over time.

I’m thinking I made the right decision because I have finally found someone I actually want to be foolishly romantic for…and I love her.




  1. THATS what’s up. Keep on showing that love isn’t something only the movies dream up. It’s an amazing thing. Something that makes individuals work hard for. To attain, to keep, and to help flourish. Love is something to be shared, and to be continually preached. Especially young love. Don’t ever stop preaching it’s gospel.

    • Fortune,

      You sir, sound like you might be in love. : )

      I have definitely learned a lot over the years and you are right about one thing. Love is VERY hard work. I appreciate all my life lessons but man, I definitely would have saved a few hearts if I’d have known what I know now.

  2. […] dissipate like exhaled breath on a mirror. Soon you begin seeing yourself for who you really are. A romantic fool at best and manipulative at worst. Integrity involves being honest with yourself and it’s […]

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