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Sway’s Club Etiquette for Women

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these girls did ALL of the "Don'ts"/

Hey Ladies, 

Just like there is club etiquette for the gentlemen, we have some rules that should be adhered to as well. Woman to woman, I know we love to “wile” out at the club, but there are times I have seen females confusing fun for straight foolishness. Here are some DO’s and DON’Ts I have come up with for us to keep in mind: 


Don’t neglect your friends.  If for some reason they cannot get into the club, go to a different club where everyone can have fun. 

Don’t try to push up on another girl’s man and then “act” like you didn’t know they were together. 

Don’t drink from a cup sitting on the bar if you don’t remember if it’s yours. 

Don’t wear a Nick Minaj-esqe dress while doing the splits on the dance floor and still expect guys to respect you. 

Don’t give out your number if you don’t want a guy to call you. 

Don’t give out your friend’s number if you don’t want a guy to call you. 

Don’t leave your drink unattended. 

Don’t fight at the club, or “knuck if you buck”. You are not Diamond from Crime Mob , nor are you on The Bad Girls Club

Don’t stand in the middle of the dance floor if you just came to look cute. Other people need the space to dance. 

Don’t leave the club with a guy you’ve just met (it makes you look easy). If you come with your friends, leave with your friends . 

Don’t wear heels that hurt your feet. If you do, fake the funk and try to look comfortable. It is the most unattractive thing to see a girl who can’t walk in her shoes properly. 

Don’t get pissy drunk and collapse on the dance floor (sounds unusual, but I’ve seen this happen far too many times). 

Don’t give another girl the stank face if you think she looks better than you. Please leave the hateration at the door. 

Don’t crowd the mirror in the bathroom to apply “your face” for the 5th time in the night. 

Don’t scan the club looking for a guy to buy you a drink. If you want a drink, remember you are an independent woman, and buy it yourself (hence what your cash is for). 

Don’t make out with someone you just met…you can still have fun and be respectable! 



Do look presentable and watch what you wear at the club. Just because spandex stretches and the tag says “One Size Fits All”, doesn’t necessarily mean it fits you properly! 

Do follow a guy to the bar if he is buying you a drink. Heard of roofies anyone? 

Do carry flip flops/flats with you if you can fit them in your purse, THEY WILL SAVE YOU FROM YOUR 4 INCH HEELS. 

Do bring cash with you, for just in case purposes. 

Do go to the club with a group of people. 

Do get to the club early if you can get in free before a certain time. 

Do stand to THE SIDE of the dance floor if you just came to look cute (unless the club is empty). 

Do tell your friends when you are going to the bathroom, so that they don’t send a search party for you. 

Do eat before you pre-game! 

Do set a place to meet your friends in the club ahead of time, just in case you all can’t find each other during the course of the night. 

Do stop dancing with a guy who is just standing there and expects you to dance on him, and find someone else who is willing to reciprocate. 

Do tell a guy you have a boyfriend or that you’re not interested, if you don’t want a guy to call you (or you can take his number). 

Do give out a fake number if said guy can’t accept “no” for an answer. Just tell him to call you the next day just in case he wants to try out the number right there. Check this for the “number” of your choice: it’s saved me a couple of times!




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