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Sway’s Club Etiquette for Men

In Uncategorized on July 28, 2010 at 8:45 am

Shawn Merriman doing a DON'T/

Listen up gentlemen, 

Too many times my girls and I, have been to a party or club and have ran across guys who just seemed clueless when it came to club etiquette. Yes, please believe it, there is etiquette for every situation.  When you are dancing, and living it up in a party atmosphere you may think anything goes. But being tipsy off of too many patron shots doesn’t mean you get a pass for your actions. Here are the do’s and don’ts to keep in your mental rolodex: 


Don’t ask a group of girls in line if you can act like you are with them so that you can get a discount on your cover. 

Don’t come to the club with gym shoes and a hat on if the venue is upscale (unless you are willing to pay extra for your attire) 

Don’t be intimidated if a girl you want to dance with is with her girls, it doesn’t hurt to ask! 

Don’t cut people in line. 

Don’t think that you own a girl for the night just because you bought her a drink. 

Don’t spend the whole night standing on the wall, girls want to dance with someone who’s having fun. 

Don’t touch a girl inappropriately while dancing and under no other circumstances (that includes grabbing a girl’s backside as she walks by) 

Don’t get into a fight, it’s unattractive, childish, dumb, and so not worth it. 

Don’t get pissy drunk (for more reasons than the sake of having beer goggles). 

Don’t think that just because a girl is wearing something that hugs her curves that you can hug her curves too. 

Don’t dance with your boys in a group all night…WTH is that about?… 

Don’t try to mack on a girl if you clearly see that she is with her man. 

Don’t ask for a girl’s number and then ask her friend’s for hers. 

Don’t bumrush people just to get by…it’s RUDE. 

Don’t expect a girl to do all the work while dancing if you are just standing there. Unless you are getting a lap dance in a strip club, dancing is reciprocal

Don’t ask a girl to come home with you, even if she were the type to say yes. 

Don’t pour the contents of your champagne bottle on a girl while she’s dancing. You are not in a music video and it is not sexy. 

Don’t blame it on the alcohol (or Goose, or Henny for that matter). 



Do open your shell! Dance, converse, chat people up, it’s a party man. 

Do drink in moderation, you are still fully accountable for your actions. 

Do ask a girl if she wants a drink if you are feeling her. 

Do ask a girl to dance if you are feeling her. 

Do have gum/mints handy. Nothing is worse than a guy blowing hot air in a someone’s ear while trying to get their digits. 

Do bring your business cards with you if you have them. 

Do dress to impress if it’s an upscale place, you never know who you will meet. 

Do be respectful and act like you have some sort of home training. You can still have fun. 

Hope this helps! 



  1. “Don’t dance with your boys in a group all night…WTH is that about?… ”

    I get it. I wouldn’t do this the whole night, but why can’t I get my pretty boy swag on with my boys for a song or two.

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