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GFS – Grown Folks Series

In Uncategorized on July 23, 2010 at 4:54 pm

 Swag Says…

Grown men wear condoms.

Grown men don’t date girls fresh out of high school.

Grown men don’t wait to be told what to do.

Grown men don’t define themselves by what they own.

Grown men date grown women.

Grown men show respect.

Grown men protect their families.

Grown men finish what they start.

Grown men make eye contact (in American culture).

Grown men know how to wash clothes properly.

Grown men invest wisely.

Grown men take calulated risks.

Grown men read.

Grown men write.

Grown men take care of their children.

 Sway Says…..

Grown women don’t rely on a man to do what they can do for themselves.

Grown women don’t rely on a man for everything.

Grown women pay bills.

Grown women have a job and/or are pursuing a higher education.

Grown women don’t forget the condom.

Grown women not only admit their faults but try to make them better.

Grown women keep it real (but with tact).

Grown women aren’t petty.

Grown women know how to relate to others.

Grown women don’t cheat on their mate.

Grown women don’t fight over a man.

Grown women don’t take their girlfriends for granted.

Grown women are well rounded individuals.

Grown women know how to present themselves in all settings.

Grown women can pick up the check from time to time.

Grown women appreciate grown men.


  1. My Favs:
    – Grown men don’t wait to be told what to do.
    – Grown women don’t rely on a man to do what they can do for themselves.

    My Add:
    – Grown men & women can recognize when they need help and aren’t afraid to ask for it.

    • So I don’t know what to think abou this about her hbsuand:Jeremy Gerard is an editor and critic for Bloomberg Muse, the cultural news division of Bloomberg News. A reporter, columnist and editor specializing in culture and politics for over 25 years, he covered theater and television for the New York Times from 1986 until 1991, when he became the New York Editor and chief theater critic for Variety. For nearly a decade he was a features editor and cultural affairs columnist at New York magazine, and he’s written for many magazines and newspapers around the world. A New York native, Gerard lives in Manhattan with his wife, Vanity Fair writer and Feminine Mistake author Leslie Bennetts, and their two children.Who would you say is the primary breadwinner here? Her or her hbsuand? It really kinda sounds like her hbsuand to me, but I know nothing of journalism. If it is her hbsuand, it kind of puts a lot of things even more into perspective. Plus, with this kind of career, why in the world do they not hire house keeping? By the way, here is a picture of .Maybe her friends all tell her how lucky she is because she is. LOL. God, I would shoot myself if I was married to someone like that…

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