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Keep your eyes above water

In Attraction, Hate, Relationships on July 20, 2010 at 11:52 am


I’m standing alone at the back of an elevator one day. I have plenty of room because this bad boy is fairly large, fitting about 15 people comfortably. As I begin to travel downstairs, the elevator stops a few floors below me and an older gentleman steps in wearing a pair of slacks, a blue button up and loafers. The doors close and we start to moving towards the bottom floor again. After another couple of floors pass, we stop again. This time, however, on boards a fairly attractive young lady. She is sporting a black skirt and suit jacket with matching heels.

The older gentleman steps backwards, making room for our new guest and we continue to make our way downstairs. As we travel, I peep the man peeping the girl. Since the elevator is so big, I can watch him, watch her, without him knowing. We are all facing the front of the elevator so his back is to me and her back is to both of us. Taking advantage of the situation, he glides his eyes down her backside and rests them on her legs (the only visible skin).

1-one thousand…2-one thousand…3-one thousand…ding. We all get of the elevator and walk our separate ways.

Honestly, I felt violated for her. I’m a guy so I understand why he checked her out (She did have killer calves). But damn, there is something shameful about a grown man not having any tact in the way that he goes about checking out an attractive woman. As an adult, you have to be more cognizant of your surroundings. Someone should not be able to know that you are undressing a woman with your eyes if they see you looking at her.

Fellas, if you want to know when your eyes have overstayed their welcome, here is a simple formula.

If she is standing still, then count to 2. If you get to 2, then you have ALREADY looked for too long. If she is walking, then count her footsteps. If she takes 2-3 full steps (depending upon her speed), you have ALREADY stared for too long and you need to bring your eyes back above water.

Don’t me wrong though. It’s summer time in New York, and this place is like none other. The city blossoms in the spring and everybody’s attire gets a little brighter. Ladies start showing a little more skin. There isn’t anything wrong with enjoying a woman’s beauty especially if she has it proudly on display. We all know how enticing it is to see a woman walk as if she knows she’s beautiful.

What isn’t ok, is when you have either broken your neck to catch a view or dry humped a passing woman with your eyeballs.

Have a little dignity and respect fellas.



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