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Impressive Attire – Shoes

In Attraction, Relationships on July 20, 2010 at 8:54 pm

You can tell a lot about a man just by looking at his shoes. Like a car, the make, model, and overall cleanliness of your shoe game can make or break a first impression. Shoes are just as important as a hand shake.

If you are fresh out of college, then this article is for you. If you are moving up the corporate ladder, then this article is for you. If you are a budding entrepreneur, looking to woo investors, then this article is for you. And ladies, if you are looking for a birthday present for your boyfriend or just simply trying to step his game up, then this article is also for you.

Below is a first impression guide to footwear, broken down by shoe type:

Sneakers – (necessary colors: blacked out & crisp white)

Fresh Kicks

– Appropriate Wear: Anytime after work, on the weekends, and always before 10pm (We don’t want to mess these up at the club).
– Impression: I can be casual and stylish without taking myself too seriously.

Busted Kicks

– Appropriate Wear: On the basketball court, at the gym, or a quick trip to the corner store
– Impression: I’m busy and I don’t care; I’m bout to put some work in and I needn’t be bothered.

Dress Shoes – (necessary colors: black, burgundy, & tan)

Fresh Classics

Appropriate Wear: Basically anywhere that requires business casual or business formal (this includes wearing slacks)

Impression: I am about my business and my business comes easy to me.

Busted Classics

– Appropriate Wear: Never!! Please retire these bad boys. You are only doing yourself a disservice. It’s almost as bad as showing up in a suit with a pair of All Star Converse on your feet (AKA chucks).
– Impression: I probably only have one pair of dress shoes and they rarely come out the closet. My business never actually occurs in a business setting.

None of this is to say you are what you wear. A good personality can easily overcome a bad first impression, but sometimes a first impression is the only one you will ever get the chance make.

Take a look at the guide below to further your impression management skills and up your shoe game in the process. – 5 Dress Shoe Styles
Creative Recreation Kicks



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